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 As part of a joint parental authority, my child goes on a school trip abroad without my consent. How can I oppose it?

In the context of a school trip the agreement of a single parent is sufficient regardless of the marital status unless the child is subject to a ban on exit from the territory. In this case the agreement of the two parents is necessary.

To establish a prohibition of exit from territory you have two possibilities: the opposition to the exit of territory or the prohibition of exit from the territory

- in the first case, the request is made in the prefecture or prefecture and it is the prefect who makes a decision after hearing the case. Know that he can refuse to make this decision if he considers the request unjustified,
- in the second case the request is made to the judge of family affairs of the place of residence of the child. For this step you will be able to get in touch with your lawyer.

For more information concerning the administrative formalities within the framework of school trips it is here.

For more information about leaving a minor's territory click here.
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