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 I wish to propose a dog to the gendarmerie.

The dog training center recruits male or female dogs, aged 10 to 24 months, who will then be trained for 14 weeks in Gramat (46). The most sought after breeds are Belgian Shepherds, German Shepherds and Springer Spaniel, but all other breeds may be accepted. The most important thing is that your dog is sociable, not bad (even for attack dogs !!!) and especially player because for a dog, work is above all play.

Concretely Here's how recruitment works: after contacting the CNICG, either bring your dog to the Gramat center, or a dog master in your area will come to your home for half a day of technical and medical tests. If they are conclusive, your dog is then retained for a trial period of one month, after which it will be bought definitively by the gendarmerie, if "all the lights are green" or it will be returned to you in the case contrary.

Warning, a dog can only be accepted if it is formally identifiable (tattooed or chipped) and if its identification certificate is established in your name.

Whether you are an individual or a breeder, do not hesitate to call the purchase unit of CNICG Gramat at 05 65 10 16 95.
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