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 I went to the red light equipped with an automatic radar, to let a priority vehicle pass? Will I be fined?

When the driver of a vehicle passes a fixed red light equipped with a radar, the camera automatically detects a violation and a flash fires. Nevertheless, the CACIR (Automated Traffic Offenses Reporting Center) will not issue a ticket notice if the operator notices the passage of a priority vehicle, fireman, police, EMS in a time close to the action. br> If the driver of the vehicle switches to a fixed red light and the emergency vehicle turns green, careful human control will be carried out, based both on photographs and on the situation data (duration of the fire red, estimated speed, number of vehicles crossing the fire at the same time, trajectory of the vehicle "pushed"), before issuing any notice of contravention. However, if you receive the notice of contravention, you can challenge it with your findings.
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