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 What are the special rules for seat belts and children?

A driver of a vehicle with not more than 9 seats shall ensure that every passenger under the age of 18 years that he or she is carrying is maintained by either an approved child restraint system or a seat belt.
In these vehicles, when a seat is not equipped with seat belts, it is prohibited to carry a child under three years old.
The driver must ensure that any child under ten years of age is retained by an approved child restraint system adapted to its morphology and weight.
The use of an approved child restraint system is not mandatory:
- if the morphology of the child child is fit to wear a seatbelt;
- if the child has a medical exemption certificate,
- in taxis or in public transport vehicles.
En In the event of an infraction, the driver is liable for the fine for class IV tickets.
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